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This cleanse will have 3 stages:

1. Preparation

2. Cleanse

3. Rejuvanate

This cleanse has been designed to help you transition into the fall season (aka Vata season) feeling like your true authentic self. This means more energy, more creativity, more producitvity, and better gut health!

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Are You Feeling Stuck?

Do you feel as if you've tried it all, yet still haven't reached your health goal results?

Maybe you're struggling with things like anxiety, depression, anger, irritability, digestion issues, and/or other various health concerns?

Book a complimentary discover call with me to discuss your current health and well-being struggles. We will also discuss how Ayurveda princples can help you achieve your goals.

We will discuss what's been going on with your health and where it is you'd like to go. I will then offer insight on what action steps you should take next in order to move forward!

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Master Success Under Stress

Learn how to get back into the driver's seat of your own life and emotions in this 3 day series!

Here's what you'll learn:

How emotions, limiting beliefs, and energy blocks can prevent you from moving forward on your path

How to improve your sleep quality so that you can handle stress more efficiently

What foods you should be eating that will nourish your body (instead of increase your stress levels)

Breathing exercises and yoga postures that promote a grounding effect in the body

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Eating a healthy diet is something that many of my clients struggle with when we first start working together.

Through proper planning and preparation, clients are able to see that eating healthier doesn't have to be over complicated!

My goal as a wellness and nutrition coach is to show you that eating healthier can be EASY.

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How to Thrive Despite IBD

Are you ready to start THRIVING despite an IBD diagnosis ?

Here's what you'll learn in this Masterclass:

- How to understand and recognize your unique flare-ups. Walk away knowing how to avoid and quickly course correct if you end up in one

- How to create your own unique eating pattern by knowing what foods you should be eating and which you should avoid​

- The different factors that contribute to stress within your body, causing an increase likelihood of more flare-ups.

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Thrive Despite IBD Masterclass

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Constantly rushing around and not getting everything done throughout your day/week/month?

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This is a safe space where you can share your wins and losses!

Busy Females Transforming Their Stress into Success

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"If you are depressed, you are living in the past. If you are anxious, you are living in the future. If you are at peace, you are living in the moment."

                                                      - Lao Tzu

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I highly recommend investing in a coaching contract with Jennifer. During a 12-week program, you’ll receive both support and inspiration from a brilliant coach.
My time working with Jennifer was transformational, empowering and one of the best things I have done for myself. Before we began, I felt I had hit rock bottom. I was certain I would not recover. Fortunately, our weekly calls provided emotional support, the nutrition guidance helped to restore my gut health and the strength training programming allowed me to make significant physical and mental progress.
I truly believe that Jennifer was destined to serve as a coach. Her charisma, intuition and expertise paired with her effective coaching blueprint will enable you to move towards the best version of yourself. There is something magical about Jennifer’s energy and insight that I can’t quite articulate. Please, take my advice and experience this program for yourself.

Lauryn H

During my 12 weeks working with Jen I have learned so much! I was pushed out of my comfort zone in order to see the results I wanted! I always felt supported whether I was having a bad day or had a quick question about an exercise while at the gym. Jen was always quick to respond and always gave feedback that left me feeling uplifted! Coming into this program with PCOS and years of feeling defeated when it came to weight loss, I am finishing this program feeling proud, strong and excited to continue my journey with all the knowledge and skills I have learned.

Emily G

Before my 12-Week Wellness Accelerator Program with Jennifer, I was feeling down, unmotivated, didn’t sleep well, did not move my body and ate terribly. I didn’t care about myself anymore, and felt like getting back on track and losing the weight I gained was impossible.
When Jennifer told me about the 12-Week program, I immediately felt hopeful again. The journey wasn’t all about losing weight — it was also about feeling better mentally and emotionally. I was tracking my stress and emotions, and learned how to deal with them. I started writing in a gratitude journal (which I still do) and I’ve shifted the way I think about my life.

Jennifer’s weekly calls helped keep me on track. If I had a bad week, she kindly suggested what to work on and never made me feel bad about any slip-ups.

In the last month I have seen a drastic change in myself. I have stuck to my workouts 100%, made better eating choices, and have lost weight. I feel more confident in myself even though I’m not at my goal weight yet. I just feel so much better!

Jennifer is so wonderful to work with, and she has really helped me get back on track in many aspects of my life. I am continuing to work with Jennifer even after the 12 weeks so that I can reach my goals and grow into the person I want to be. Thank you so much for everything!

-Carolyn C

Jen's yoga practices have been a life saver! She has kept me moving on a daily basis. Not only has this helped me spiritually, but physically as I have been dealing with osteoarthritis in my hip. I don't know what I would do without her classes or her!!!

Monica R

My very first session with Jennifer was absolutely amazing she made me feel so very welcomed I felt so light and peaceful afterwards I truly feel she is a gifted and kind soul I will most definitely see Jennifer again and again I recommend her to everyone.

Christina P

I had my first ever Reiki session with Jen! Her space is filled with love and made me feel right at home. Jen was very professional and knowledgable.I felt complete bliss during the entire session and feel amazing and light ever since. I can't wait for my next session!! This girl is magic, highly recommend her services!

Suzie G

I thank you Jennifer for clearing my mind, calming my soul and aligning my chakras to move forward with my business and the everyday life decisions I make. I will 100% be back and I will be recommending her professional services to anyone I can. GET REIKI IN YOUR LIFE!! Thank you Jennifer!

Stacie V

Jen is a great coach, always encouraging me to do better and work harder, but never making me feel bad when I don't meet all my goals. She is always able to come up with creative solutions to help the problems I am dealing with. We always set small, reachable goals for me to aim for. I learned so much about fitness and nutrition that I know I'll use moving forward!

Zoe G

I began training with Jennifer in 2019. Learning from someone as knowledgable, spirited, and caring as Jennifer is truly life changing. Even when I wasn't too comfortable being in the gym during the pandemic, Jennifer trains me virtually. She helps me set and achieve goals with a combined focus on strength, nutrition, and wellbeing. I feel so fortunate to work with Jennifer, I highly recommend!

Lauryn H